Become a Lindo Parfumo Agent / Start your own perfume business

The personal fragrance market has expanded into a multi-billion dollar business and a large share of that market is concentrated on individual re-sellers like you. Did you know that a million bottles of perfume are sold PER day in South Africa alone?  Itis easy to get into this highly profitable business and start making money right now! With this ‘mobile perfume business’ you have no showroom, no expensive high stock levels, no full-time employees to look after and no hefty down-payments to get started. You have no expenses to begin with; and perfume is a product you can sell to just about anybody! Once people buy our fabulous affoirdable perfumes, they come back again and again; and they save hugely not having to buy the originals!              


With Lindo Parfumo there is:

No initial upfront investment

No binding contract – you can start and stop selling any time

No registration fee

No obligatory KIT purchase but we can put an affordable one together for you

No monthly agent subscription fee!

Facebook Page with regular posts: news, advice, tips and ideas

Comprehensive, educational Perfume Course (Certificate given, allows you to offer Perfume Consultations to clients)

MOBILE APP =  everything can be done from your phone at the push of a button - simple, easy, convenient and effective for clients and agents!!

Additional Income - earn a Once-Off Referral Fee  PLUS perfume credits when you refer new agents  .

Low minimum of 12 sales required per month to get Maximum Agents  commission; Between 6 and 11 sales still pays you good Agent commission. Under 6 sales will not afford agent commission, however you can still get a discount if you join the Lindo Parfumo Perfume Club (refer to that section on the website)


LINDO PARFUMO AGENT - DESCRIPTION: Purchases LP products at discounted prices therefore earns commission on direct sales. A minimum of 6 fragrances must be purchased in a month to qualify for Agent's discount. An agent can personally refer any amount of sub-agents to Lindo Parfumo (all over South Africa) and once the new agent has oredred and paid for 12 bottles, ra once-off referral fee of R250-00 will be paid. And going forward,al perfume credits will be earned on their sales every month (this becomes money in your pocket at the end of the day). Agents can earn when referring clients to LPPC and to the Lindo Parfumo Perfume Educational workshops.. Agents can attend a Lindo Parfumo perfume course, receive a Certificate, and thereafter give perfume consultations and earn with this also. For more information, contact


NOTE!  Wholesale/Bulk purchase qualifies for special discount pricing - contact us for a quote.


Agent Registration Form.pdf

Agent Registration Form to be completed to become an agent with Lindo Parfumo
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