ONLINE PARTIES - The new cool craze!!   It's Easy! It's Fun! It's Free!

Contact us by email ( to let us know you would like to have an online party. You will need to provide your name, address, phone number and party date. We will send you the email invitation that you can then forward to everyone you know. Once your guests/friends receive their invitation, they will order online (via direct email and EFT) quoting your party number. Your party can be run over 1 - 3 days to give everyone time to order and pay, and for you to get in R1000 orders minimum. (approx.8 perfume sales). After 3 days, we will then close the party and calculate your earnings! We will also make note of any party bookings made at your party! We will notify you so that you can place your order for the 10% FREE perfume you have earned!

All orders will be posted directly to you, the hostess, together with your FREE perfume (hostess gift) and your FREE order. Your friends/guests can then collect this from you. Should anyone need their order posted directly to them this can be arranged but will cost them R100 for overnight postage (SA residents, outside of SA will be more)

You will also receive a FREE perfume for each booked party by any of your party guests BUT ONLY AFTER their party has taken place.

Book as many parties as you like and earn unlimited amounts of FREE perfume throughout the year! :-)


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