When picking out a new perfume, it's important to choose one that suits you perfectly. Take this quiz to determine your perfume personality which will help you find the ideal scents that will suit you and that you will love! 
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1. The best part about summer is:
a) Donning all the crisp summer whites you want: linen pants, floppy sunhats, and sexy jeans!
b) Picking whatever sixties silk day-dress suits your mood
c) Choosing a new suitcase-full of swimsuits: Tomas Maier, Pucci, Chloé…
d) Wearing short-shorts and tiny tanks to show off your gym-toned bod
2. Your favourite recent beauty trend is:
a) The matte face with a heavy retro brow: so classic!
b) The outlandish green and blue eyeshadows
c) The meticulously applied red lip: dead sexy and all woman
d) The heavy-duty sunscreens that keep you wrinkle-free
3. Getting ready to go out:
a) Is a streamlined routine: you know what looks good on you and you stick with it.
b) Takes a little while: should you be a ‘50's ingénue tonight, or an ‘80s vamp?
c) Is a multi-hour process: becoming a glamazon takes time and effort.
d) Consists of putting on your Chucks and heading out the door.
4. Your go-to piece of clothing is:
a) A super-fitted Hedi Slimane blazer
b) A vintage pair of Vivienne Westwood pumps
c) A pair of Balenciaga C-3PO gold chainmail leggings
d) A well-loved seventies rock tee
5. Your ideal after-work way to wind down is:
a) Having cocktails at some swank bar
b) Checking out an art gallery opening
c) Getting a fire-engine red pedicure
d) Hitting a beach volleyball game
6. Your favourite movie hunk of the nineties was:
a) Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye
b) Johnny Depp in Benny & Joon
c) Antonio Banderas in Desperado
d) Keanu Reeves in Speed
7. Your dream shopping excursion would consist of:
a) Hitting the Chanel atelier and having tea with Karl Lagerfeld
b) Being granted access to the celeb-worthy vintage gowns at LA's Decades and Lily et Cie
c) Having the run of Agent Provocateur while oiled cabana boys wait on you d) Trolling the markets in Bangkok for silk skirts and fisherman pants
8. Your pet is a:
a) Cat
b) Parrot
c) Tropical fish
d) Dog
9. When it comes to your hair:
a) You prefer a signature style, whether it be a blunt bob or baby bangs
b) You change it every few months. What colour is it again?
c) You swear by weekly blow-outs, and hot rollers every morning
d) You usually wear it in a ponytail to save time
10. Your nails can be found painted:
a) In a French manicure
b) Coral
c) Blood red
d) Clear
11. Your most embarrassing fashion moment included:
a) American Apparel leggings
b) Wearing all black
c) Sporting Lulu Lemon stretchpants in public
d) Platform pink jelly sandals
12. Your dream job is:
a) Fortune 500 company CEO
b) Bistro owner
c) Supermodel
d) Olympian
13. Your first perfume was:
a) Nina Ricci's L'Air du Temps
b) Calvin Klein's ck one
c) The Body Shop's vanilla fragrance oil
d) Ralph Lauren PoloSport
14. The best way to calm your nerves before a job interview is:
a) Applying a great lipstick
b) Listening to your iPod
c) Having a bubble bath
d) Working out
15. Your dream vacation is:
a) Rome
b) Ireland
c) The Bahamas
d)  Switzerland
16. You have an extra few hours to kill before a big date, so you:
a) Have a manicure, pedicure, and bikini wax
b) See the visiting erotic art exhibition at your local gallery for “inspiration”
c) Check out the goods at your local sex store
d)  Go for a long run on the beach
17. Your favourite supermodel is:
a) Cindy Crawford
b) Agyness Deyn
c) Helena Christensen
d)  Gisele Bundchen
18. Your attitude toward moisturizer is:
a)  “All over the body, every morning and night.”
b)  “If it's scented, it'll do in a pinch if I forget to apply perfume.”
c)  “It's for your partner to rub in after a hot, steamy shower.”
d)  “That it better have sunscreen in it.”
19. If you had to get glasses, you'd choose:
a) Tortoiseshell Chanels
b)  Pink cat-eyes
c)  Versaces with rhinestones
d)  Contacts
20. When single, the best plan of attack is to:
a)  Ask your friends to set you up with some eligible bachelors
b)  Go to an online dating site to find someone who has the same interests as you
c) Try the local salsa club to dance with the available Latin hotties
d)  Sign up for a marathon and see if any cuties want to train with you
21. The best compliment you ever received from your boss was:
a) “You're such a professional.”
b) “You're so creative.”
c) “You really make an impression.”
d) “You have so much energy.”
You tend to be a little more girly and traditional in your tastes, whether it be a great structured leather handbag or a bottle of Chanel No. 5. Perfume notes that strike your fancy come from flowers, including rose, jasmine, lily, orangeflower, gardenia, violet, freesia, and peony, and make for a sparkling, feminine scent.
You tend to be a little more quirky in your tastes, with the offbeat sensuality that comes from a love of scents that are both femme and mouthwatering. Fruity and foodie perfumes have been growing in popularity recently, and notes you should seek include grapefruit, apple, melon, honey, berries, chocolate, orange, passionfruit, citrus, and even caramel!
You tend to gravitate toward the sexy side of life, and that extends to your love of perfumes that are drop-dead glam. Orientals (also known as ambers) contain such woody elements as sandalwood, musk, vanilla, mahogany, tonka bean, clove, cardamom, white pepper, rosewood, dark chocolate and patchouli.
You tend to stay outside and active, and prefer your scents light and natural so that they don't clash with your carefree lifestyle. Your fragrances are just as fresh, and take their inspiration from the beach, nature, and the sea, with citrus, green, and ocean-inspired notes like lemon, mandarin, green tea, coconut, grass, herbs, seawater, dew, and lime.
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