The perfect scent for Valentines Day

What is the perfect scent to wear for a Valentine's Day date? Let Lindo Parfumo help you set the scene for romance, with some favorite Valentine’s Day perfumes...

ANGEL by Thierry Mugler: This best-selling perfume is a great choice if you’ve got a hot date for Valentine’s Day. Yummy top notes of chocolate, vanilla and caramel will appeal to his senses, tempting him to sample you for dessert. Honey and fruit aromas round out this popular fragrance, lending it a deeply sexy appeal.

VERY SEXY by Victoria’s Secret: This top-selling fragrance delivers big-time sex appeal, while keeping things youthful. Very Sexy comes on cute with flirty vanilla and juicy fruits, but deepens over time into something richer and more seductive, thanks to base notes of woods and amber. It’s a fabulous perfume for cuddling and getting close.

TRESOR by Lancome: Tresor is a deeply romantic fragrance, making it an ideal choice for Valentine’s Day. Lush and unabashedly floral, this is an intensely feminine perfume that charms more than it seduces. Wear it with confidence on a first date, or to a special dinner with your long-term love.

DIOR ADDICT by Christian Dior: If you’re looking to seduce, this vampy perfume could be your best bet. Its bewitching blend of sugar and spice comes on strong right up front, and deepens over time into something mysterious and exotic. Wear this blend of cinnamon, vanilla, patchouli, cedar, jasmine and myrrh, and you’ll be tough to resist.

ARMAN CODE by Armani: Keep things light and fun for Valentine’s Day with this modern floral fragrance. Top notes of orange blossom, pear and ginger evoke a girl-next-door vibe, with base notes of honey and vanilla adding a dose of flirtation.This is a great fragrance for daytime dates, or to wear around that friend who you’re hoping to get closer to.

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