Scent of a Man

Men and Scents - a brief guide...

The very word “perfume” is too feminine to many males…men can be sold “deodorant” and possibly “aftershave”, but the idea of a pretty little bottle and fussy paraphernalia has always been just too much for the sensitive male ego. Yet no industry can afford to neglect half its potential market, and so this problem had to be investigated. It was already known that appropriate scents can improve the mood of those who wear them, but what was then also discovered is that when a man changes his natural body odor it can alter his self-confidence to such an extent that it also changes how attractive women find him. This is an important discovery; the fact that men’s perfume don’t always have anything to do with a woman's appreciation of the smell, but rather has everything to do with its psychological effect on the man wearing it.

 It may not necessarily seem like rocket science to apply men’s perfume/cologne, but most men often over spray and sometimes apply their scent in all the wrong places. Have you ever been in a public setting, when a fellow male passes by, leaving a pungent fume of their cologne? We’ve all been there, and chances are the overkill of their smell is overwhelming, and even off-putting. Always remember that a little goes a long way! We know you love the smell of your favorite bottle, but believe us, even the smallest spray will make you smell great. The goal of applying a scent is to not have the whole room smell you, but to give off your scent to those who are close to you. It’s been said that your scent is a great way to make a first impression; so wear it correctly! The best time to apply perfume/cologne is after a hot shower. The hot steam and water opens pores, which helps capture the scent better.

Applying a modest spray around the base of your throat is often the best place cologne as it will mix with your natural odors and pheromones. Applying a spritz of cologne/perfume under each earlobe is the perfect choice when on a date, or hoping to gain attention of someone leaning in close. The wrists are often a popular spot that men like to apply cologne, however, many men often rub their wrists together after application, but by doing this the fragrance molecules break down and the scent dissipates quicker. Do not rub your wrists after spraying!

 You might ask why you don’t smell your scent after a while, but we assure you, you still have your scent. After our nose gets use to a certain scent, we almost become desensitized to the smell. In most cases, there’s no need to reapply.


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