The BEST Perfumes for Teenagers…

Which would be the BEST Perfumes for Teenagers?

Teenage girls love to smell great however choosing a perfume for them is not that easy. There are tons of perfumes for teenagers out there, but a lot of them don't smell all that great – or they are too light and don't last all day. Also, nowadays, the most popular are perfumes that are name brands, top fashion designers, and celebrities. Here are a few perfumes that are long-lasting and smell great; perfect to throw into any school bag!


Flowerbomb – Teens love this perfume! It's a perfect romantic scent; great for a day with friends or with her boyfriend.

Paris Hilton - is one of the most popular among teenagers. This perfume has a scent for youth, it's very girly and flirty.

Glow by J Lo  is a perfume that gives a citrus fruit scent along with a vanilla scent; perfect for nice warm hearted girls.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a nice happy, floral scent that isn't so sweet; very appropriate for teenagers.

D&G Light Blue is happy, playful and feminine in a fresh and sparkly way. It's light and airy, absolutely loved by teenagers.

Juicy Couture is crisp, fun and addictive. It's smells of mandarin, wild berries and caramel wood; very popular among teens

Miss Dior Cherry is a beautiful scent that is unique and pretty; a blend of violets, patchouli, musk and mandarin.

Justin Bieber's Girlfriend is a light floral and fruity fragrance; deliciously fruity smelling

Justin Bieber Someday is a light, fruity and sweet fragrance with a hint of long lasting vanilla. It’s fun and youthful.

DKNY Be Delicious is a really clear, refreshing, citrus fruity-floral scent; greatly loved by teens.

Britney Spears Fantasy is a fun and lively light fragrance that smells like marshmallows.

Aqua Di Gio is a woody but mild and clean scent; not over-powering at all and very popular amongst young guys and teens.

Cool Water is an invigorating, bold, fresh, clean masculine scent can be worn casually by young guys

Diesel Fuel For Life is like a comfortable pair of jeans, a laid back stylish youthful scent for young guys.

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