Matric Dance fragrances for Him

Matric Dance fragrances for Him


Boys, you must realize that the matric ball is about more than just a smart suit and a flashy car.. This is THE night that you go all out to impress the pretty lady on your arm!

Yes, a smart tailored suit, good hairstyle and a 'great tie that doesn't clash with her gown', is 99& of the way to a fabulous and memorable evening. But the finishing touch to complete your look is, of course, a good fragrance!

Here are a few Matric Dance fragrance recommendations:

David Beckham Essence
Joop Homme
P R One Million
Gucci Made for Measure
Dior Homme Sport
Acqua di Gio
Chanel Allure Homme Sport
Versace Pour Homme
L'eau d'Issey
D & G Light Blue
Lacoste Green
Lacoste Red Play in Style
Jean Paul Gaultier
Cool Water
Armani Code
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