Perfect Perfumes for Mom

Perfect Perfumes for Mom

L'AIR DU TEMPS - NINA RICCI is a lovely floral with notes of musk and sandalwood
It is a true classic that has been on the fragrance scene for decades
BEAUTIFUL - ESTEE LAUDER has become a staple of many women's fragrance wardrobes
This beautiful scent is suitable for all sorts of occasions
DAISY - MARC JACOBS has notes of ruby red grapefruit, raspberry, lychee and jasmine petals
This scents suits a playful, joyful and bubbly spirit.
ESCADA – CHERRY IN THE AIR is for a young at heart mom; it's light and airy.
The scent has notes of marshmallow, raspberry, sandalwood, and fresh cherries.
VALENTINO VALENTINA is ideal for the mother who fully embraces her soft and feminine side.
Consists of bergamot oranges with a twist of white alba truffle
WOMANITY - THIERRY MUGLER is a sweet-and-savory scent with a subtle blend of fig and green hazelnut.
This scent makes a striking effect; simply glamorous.
FLASH – JIMMY CHOO has an ultra-light blend of tangerine, jasmine, white lily, and heliotrope
This is a very chic, classy perfume
HAPPY – CLINIQUE is a best-seller which truly smells like happiness in a bottle; a vibrant, fresh and refreshing scent.
Consists of a burst of citrus fruits and soft feminine floral
CASHMERE MIST – DONNA KARAN is a powdery chypre-floral scent with jasmine, sandalwood and vanilla notes.
This scent is perfect for both work and after hours.
CK ONE SUMMER – CALVIN KLEIN is for the natural ‘mom-next-door’ type.
Not too floral, not too musky, and a time-tested favorite.
DKNY PURE is sweet and fruity, with lotus flower, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, freesia and orchid.
A definitely feminine scent; it’s hard to go wrong with this scent
CHANEL NO. 5 is the perfect scent if your mom prefers timeless products.
This famous floral perfume is always a safe bet.
FLOWERBOMB – VIKTOR & ROLF is an uplifting scent with notes of freesia, orange blossom, orchid, and rose
A floral explosion that is not at all overpowering.


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