Know your Strength!

Know your Strength!

How long your fragrance lasts on your skin is down to three factors. First, your skin type: fragrance ‘dissipates’ sooner on drier skins, but hangs around for longer on oilier ones. Second, the types of ingredients used: citrus notes are more ‘volatile’ and disappear sooner than smouldering spices, sexy musks and quietly humming woods. The third key factor is perfume ‘strength’. 

Fragrances come in many different strengths. Some perfumes only come in one type of strength such as 'Eau de Parfum' or 'Eau de Toilette'. Others come in a variety of strengths to choose from. These strengths will determine how concentrated, powerful, and lasting the fragrance is.


Let's look at the Scent barometer – rule of thumb is he higher the percentage oil, the more expensive the fragrance:

• Splashes: These are the lightest and typically have 1 to 7% perfume oil

• Eau de cologne: Slightly stronger than a splash, you'll find 3 to 8% perfume oil.

• Eau de toilette: When you see this on the label, count on a fragrance that has 5 to 15% perfume oil.

• Solid perfume: These balms, which typically have a base of wax and oil, contain up to 15% perfume oil

• Eau de parfum: A dab of this delivers between 10 and 22% perfume oil. This is one of the most common strengths of fragrance and much more affordable than a pure Parfum.

• Parfum: The strongest of the lot, this will be between 15 and 35% perfume oil and will be the most expensive choice but will last the longest on the skin.


Lindo Parfumo's fragrances are all 'eau de parfum' with 22% oil concentration! :-)


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